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Are you or your business owed money that you are not aware of?

Recovery Wizard

Millions of dollars in Lost Funds are handed over to the Government every year.

What are Lost Funds?

A Company or person due to death, liquidation, forgetfulness or neglect will leave money in an institution.

The institution may be a Bank, Insurance or Investment Company, Council or a variety of Government Offices and Departments.

A letter or cheque regarding the funds is usually sent to the rightful owner at their last known address.

If that letter is lost in the mail, addressed incorrectly or does not reach you for what ever reason, you therefore would not respond or request a refund from the institution holding your money.

When no response is forthcoming the money is then transferred into a trust account (non interest bearing), where it remains until claimed by its rightful owner.

If this does not occur within a certain time frame, the funds are absorbed into government revenue.

Disturbingly only 2% of rightful owners ever claim their money. 98% are simply unaware that they are even missing money.

Who We Are

Recovery Wizard is a team of professional money finders dedicated to finding lost funds

We specialize in the recovery of lost funds, mostly deceased estates and lost superannuation, but also lost investments, dividends and unpresented cheques.

We undertake the entire recovery process on your behalf and our service will return your money with minimal fuss.

Recovery Wizard charges NO up front fees for the claim process.

If for some reason your funds are unrecoverable, you will not be charged. It's a Win-Win situation.

The money you never knew you had will give you a nice unexpected cash injection.

Our staff does all the leg work and we use our experience and know-how to expedite your claim.

We do everything in our power to successfully refund your money so we get paid.

Every dollar counts and you need your money more than the government needs it!


Exchange Minerals Limited "Recovery Wizard contacted us regarding a significant sum of money belonging to Exchange Minerals that was held in an Australian stock broking account. The staff at Recovery Wizard went out of their way to source proof of ownership that enabled us to recover these funds. We received offers from other recovery agencies, but after speaking to the staff at Recovery Wizard, we felt we could trust them. We made the right decision. They did all the hard work, and our money has now been returned to us. I would recommend the services of Recovery Wizard to anyone, businesses and individuals alike."
Michael Shmazian, Director - Exchange Minerals Limited

The University of NSW "We received a phone call out of the blue from Recovery Wizard, explaining that they had located lost funds belonging to UNISearch Limited. At the beginning we thought this was some sort of scam or hoax. But after a search in our financial historical data, we had found a match. This was money that we wrote off as bad debt somehow. Recovery Wizard was very supportive from the beginning to the end. Although this was not an easy process as a lot of personnel had changed over the years, we received the promised money in due course and our management was very happy. My advice to the future customer is: this is not a scam. You don't have to pay money upfront and you have nothing to lose. Recovery Wizard is a professional team. I highly recommend their service. Thanks."
Roland Chen, UNSW Global Pty Ltd, University of NSW

Gosford Race Club "Recovery Wizard approached Gosford Race Club to assist in recovering funds that we were unaware were available. Working with Recovery Wizard through a seamless process over a short period of time, the Gosford Race Club was able to recover funds totalling over $8,000. My experience in dealing with Recovery Wizard was excellent."
James Heddo, CEO - Gosford Race Club

Kennards Self Storage "I was contacted by Recovery Wizard to collect outstanding monies. Initially I was hesitant as we had had similar approaches before. However, to my surprise, Recovery Wizard collected the outstanding amounts in an easy hassle free way I was very happy with their services."
Anthony Rous, CFO - Kennards Self Storage

"I received the recovered monies into my account this morning and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the staff at Recovery Wizard for your prompt and professional service. I like others before me felt a little sceptical at our first contact but a quick check proved me wrong and the results speak for themselves. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who felt there was monies owing to them but were not sure of what steps to take. Thanks again and I hope you and your staff prosper and keep up your excellent results. Kind Regards,"

"Thank you very much for your email. I look forward to receiving the cheque and invoice. I am very grateful for the work you have done and the results achieved. I would be happy if you could keep your eye out for any other funds but hopefully we have recovered the bulk of it now. From time to time I have received letters from other recovery agents which I have ignored until utilising your services. If I receive any in the future I will forward them to you to follow up."
D O'Brien, SA

"Thanks for the transfer it has all come through as arranged. Colin & I would like to express our gratitude to you for the excellent communication throughout this process of transferring our lost funds into our bank. It is hard to believe that 2 cheques from the same firm went astray, so a regular lookout for more lost funds would make us very happy to hear from you again. We thank you very much, as we didn't know that we had this owing to us as we had no correspondence, which was possibly due to the address, when we saw how it was written. We would recommend anyone to use Recovery Wizard to find lost funds after our experience."
Lois & Colin, NZ

"When you rang me to say there was outstanding superannuation money I was ever so happy. All these years I thought I was not going to get that money. You have done a wonderful job and I am ever so thankful. You were always helpful when I rang you. Thank you and God bless you for your excellent work."
JS, Casuarina, NT

"I would like to thank you for the recent successful recovery of my Superannuation Funds. Your endeavours, persistence and professionalism I know went a long way to the favourable conclusion of the recovery."
P Byrnes, NSW

"When I was first contacted by Recovery Wizard, I was very sceptical, as my first response to these type of calls, is to hang up, however, much to my surprise, the caller sounded so relaxed and genuine, I decided to listen. As a result of this contact, and the professional way my inquiries were attended to, I am now in possession of a sum of money that will change my life. I cannot speak highly enough of the personnel at Recovery Wizard, their service is excellent, and I strongly recommend Recovery Wizard to anyone, who may wish to use this Service.
H (Jim) Harvey, VIC

"We had received many previous requests to help us achieve these refunds, however we were not happy with some of the requirements, eg. to supply copies of personal information, so we did not proceed. When we were approached by RECOVERY WIZARD, I advised them of my previous concerns. They showed how we could recover these funds without having to provide them with this information, and we decided to proceed. These refunds were applied for and received in good time and with a minimum of fuss. We would highly recommend their services."
CI, Mt Pritchard, NSW

"Recieved cheque and banked already, I would like to extend my thanks to you for your professional approach to this recovery on our behalf. Once again many thanks. Regards."
JR, Gympie, QLD

"Thank you for your very successful recovery of funds on our account. Your attention to detail & advice on submitting our application for the recovery of funds held in trust was much appreciated. Again thanking you."
WE, Tin Can Bay, QLD

"Just a short note to let you know that the cheque arrived today, Wednesday, thank you again for all your help, you have done a wonderful job, it will change everything for me."
MS, Williamtown, NSW

"Thanks for retrieving the money. We actually had about 11 letters wanting us to sign the forms for them but Di had spoken to you and wanted to go with you. Great job."
Bruce, Wahroonga, NSW

"I received your advice on the recovery of Bupa funds that went astray while travelling in Europe. I am most grateful for your service which I found efficient and courteous. It was a pleasure to work with Recovery Wizard and I thank you. With best wishes,"
Peter, Kenmore, QLD

"Many thanks for your courteous friendly and most of all professional service. Outstanding. Keep Well."
John, Bondi, NSW

"I can say I am very pleased with your service. When we first heard from you I assumed it was a scam, and initially advised my wife to ignore your email. Money appearing from nowhere sounded too good to be true. I then went looking online and found some very positive testimonials, and realised you were genuine. Your help has been very professional and efficient."
Matt, Chapel Hill, QLD

Contact Us

Recovery Wizard
PO Box 152
Kenthurst NSW 2156

Phone:1300 780 357
International:+61 (0)2 9680 1546
Facsimile:+61 (0)2 8569 0203

Our ABN is 78 128 961 992

Our business registration number (NSW) is BN98376167

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